Q: When I click a game, nothing happens, why?

A: If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please disable noscript for this website, if you are running it. Otherwise, make sure javascript is enabled in your broswers settings, this website relies on it to function correctly.

Q: When I click a game, a box with a red X or similar appears inside of the new box, or it is still black with scripts enabled.

A: You need Java to play this emulator. Most programs such as Limewire, Azureus Bittorrent and others install Java for you,but if you don't have it, you can download it Here. (16 MB)

jxNES used to be under the name "javaNES [8-Bit]", however at the time of starting this project I was unaware that there was already a java emulator called jNES (JavaNES). JavaNES [8-Bit] was later renamed to jxNES, mainly because that domain was available.

As the home page of this website describes, yes this emulator requires java to be installed on your machine. The download link for javais in the FAQ section.

JavaNES should be capable of playing most nes titles, however SOME games have a few issues which are addressed in the FAQ section of the website. Due to there being over 700 USA games released for the NES, I cannot test every game, however I will promptly and quickly test the game before uploading it to the website.

Any further questions about this project can be e-mailed to me at majinbacon@gmail.com.