[ Kakashot - An alternative to printscreen ]
Normally, windows does not provide an easy way to take pictures of the screen, let alone a portion of the screen. You have to hit the printscreen button, open paint, or your image editor of choice, paste, and save. If it's just a part of the screen you want a picture of then another step is needed, box selecting, cutting, making a new image, pasting, then saving. Tedious.

This program was made to eliminate all of the work. There are no dialogues, no menus. It's designed to be as fast as possible. Usage:

The program runs in the system tray, as pictured above. The program runs on hotkeys:

PrntScr+F4 - Quit
PrntScr+F9 - Copy entire screen to screen buffer
PrntScr+F10 - Copy active window to screen buffer
PrntScr+F11 - Creates a box select on the screen, in which you decide what part of the screen to capture to the buffer
PrntScr+F12 - Takes the currently captured buffer, and writes it to a jpeg file. The file is written to the same directory as Kakashot, with the file name in the following format: yyyy-dd-mm-hh-mm-ss.jpg. yyyy-dd-mm being the current date, and hh-mm-ss being the current timee (24-hour format)

This program does all of this without the use of a gui, or any other special features that some other programs have, with the trade-off being speed.

You can download it here. (600kb)