Map completion status: WORK IN PROGRESS
Geometry: 100%
Weapon/Item Placement: 0%
Botfile/AAS: 70%

Gametype(s): Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, DeFRaG CPM Run

Suggested game physics: CPM/Promode

>>Mission 4 from the popular N64 game Perfect Dark, now converted into Quake III Arena. One of the first maps I worked on, to get the hang of converting levels. The map has been re-scaled into Quake III to allow more fluid movement through the map. The maps geometry is an exact 1:1 copy right from the N64 game, aside from the scaling. Using the same scale results in strafe jumping being discouraged from being used.

Video Runthrough:

Whats left to finish:
-Weapon placement
-Chairs, tables and other miscellanious map models from the game (undecided)
-AAS file (bot support) needs optimizing
-Entity lighting, instead of _minlight
-A couple more alphamaps (leaves, grates)